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From Persist Online Wiki

The game takes place in and around the city of Junction. View the full map of the game by clicking below:

Persist Online Map


Survivors base

This is the starting location where you will find most NPCs, shops, and quests, as well as the entrance to your bunker. There is a mailbox here at the top of the bunker stairs.


Contains a good amount of exercise bikes that can be scavenged with a wrench.


After death, player characters respawn here, as long as they have positive karma.

Chinese restaurant

Serves as a weapon shop.

Community Center

Survivors headquarters. You can find Nico here.

Junction North


Small harbor with boats and piers. Good place for fishing.


Small lighthouse.


Two bridges, one intact, one destroyed by a crashed plane. They lead outside the city to a place with currently no content.

Junction North-East

Fire station

Contains a good amount of firefighter zombies, and a spawn for an axe.

Petroleum Plant

Contains hazmat zombies.

Black Hand base


Junction East

Construction site

Contains builder zombies.

Hunting store

Electronics store


NPChas a shop there, selling some unique items like the short axe, and the nail gun.

Hulk warehouse

Spawns the Hulk zombie boss.

Junction South


Car park

Burger joint


Golden Bear metro station

Contains an NPC.


Good place for fishing.

Boar farm

Contains boars.

Bear forest

Contains bears.

Junction South-West

Shopping mall

Junction West


Contains wolves.

Police station

Contains riot police zombies and prisoner zombies.

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