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Veronica Luna

From Persist Online Wiki
Picture of Veronica Luna
Picture of Veronica Luna

Veronica Luna

The first of the NPCs you will meet in Junction. She catches the not-quite-fresh air of the settlement throughout the day by walking in front of the bunker. At the beginning of your adventure, she has a few tasks for you.

School Life

Before the apocalypse, Veronica Luna was considered the school beauty in town. It was every boy's dream to ask her to the prom, but she played the unavailable role. Back in her school days, she received the title of Miss Beauty at School.

Early Apocalipse

As the apocalypse began, Veronica Luna decided to survive by looting homes, stores and other public buildings. She soon became known for her unbridled bandit skills. This attracted the interest of a group of thugs called The Black Hand, with whom she quickly befriended.


At one point in her life, she met an old woman on her path who showed her the meaning of life in a city engulfed in chaos. It was thanks to her that Veronica Luna escaped from The Black Hand and joined The Survivors. The woman almost completely cut herself off from the bandits, leaving only a T-shirt that symbolizes her past and her lack of desire to return to this stage of life.

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